The Fashion Industry offers a vast assortment of career opportunities from which you can choose. Below is a list of possible jobs for you to consider.
How to turn your passion for fashion into a rewarding career:

Marketers are responsible for product development, sales strategies, product policies, profit margins and the image of the label. They analyse social
trends, consumer needs, motivation and competition to build the brand. Think Brand Manager, Event Sales Executive or Development Officer.

Merchandising combines the creative and retail aspects of fashion. It involves working directly with design staff and brand management to ensure the
product suits consumers and sells well. Managing stores, co-ordinating sales staff, liaising with retailers and creating sales aids like samples and
swatch booklets are all part of the job. Think Account Manager, Stylist or Store Merchandiser.

Buyers are employed by retailers to source products based on client demand, current fashion trends and past sales, and ensure they get the best price.
This can involve attending Fashion Weeks, liaising with fashion PR and making sure the retailer has a great relationship with its existing labels. The
buyer is also responsible for quality control, orders and deliveries. Think Product Development Manager, Assistant Buyer or Associate Buyer.

A communications role often involves creating a strategy to promote a brand or label. This means organising product launches, working with advertising
agencies on campaigns and promoting the brand's image through magazines and other media. Think Press Agent, Fashion PR or Fashion Editor at a magazine.

The design side of fashion involves creating and presenting collections of garments. This means researching trends and interpreting the needs of
consumers, sketching, making patterns and finally putting garments into production. The job often unifies business and managerial skills with creative and
technical skills. Think Sample Hand, Textile Designer or Design Director.

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