LMT41007 Certificate IV in Applied Fashion Design and Technology


Pathway: The Certificate IV in Applied Fashion Design and Technology covers occupations such as assistant designers and pattern makers who work with and support other fashion industry personnel. It provides a basis for career progression to higher skills in these areas at the Diploma level. Completion of the Certificate IV in Applied Fashion Design and Technology also provides entry into the Diploma in Applied Fashion Design and Technology.

Course Duration: 78 Weeks including Holidays.

Code Title
LMTGN2001B Follow defined OHS policies and procedures
LMTCL2003B Identify fibres and fabrics
LMT FD 2005B Identify design process for fashion designs
LMTCL2011B Draw and interpret a basic sketch
LMTCL 3001B Identify fabric performance and handling requirements
LMTFD4001B Apply design studio processes
LMTFD4006B Interact and network with fashion industry participants
LMTCL3009B Develop patterns from a block using basic pattern making principles
LMTFD3004B Draw a trade drawing for fashion design
LMTFD4003B Assist in the preparation of preliminary design concepts
LMTFD4004B Calculate cost estimates for fashion products
LMTFD4008B Construct stock size block for garment to meet size and fit specifications
LMTFD4010B Create pattern to meet design specifications applying advanced pattern making principles
LMTFD4011B Cut fabrics for prototype designs
LMTFD4012B Develop product specifications for fashion designs
LMTFD4013B Grade 2D patterns
LMTFD4015B Create pattern from block to meet customer specifications
LMTFD4016B Sew design prototypes
LMTFD4017B Source materials and resources for production of fashion designs
LMTFD4018B Use and apply sizing systems appropriate for fashion design
LMTFD4021B Drape fabrics to make patterns
LMTCL2004B Sew components
LMTFD3003B Prepare design concept for simple garment
LMTCL2010B Modify patterns to create basic styles
LMTCL2001B Use a sewing machine


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